Dill's Deli and Bakery

We have a full service Deli and Bakery at all Dill's Locations. Everyday we serve a complete fresh hotbar at lunch and dinner. We have made from scratch cobbler's, entrees, and the best fried chicken and chicken strips in town.

We have small, medium, and large party trays made to order party:

Meat and Cheese



Hot Wings

Chicken Strip w/ Potato Salad

Just call in to place your order and it will be ready when you want it.
But wait, you can have your cake too. Dill's creates cakes to order of all sizes.

Signature cakes 

8" Round

1/4 Sheet Cake

1/2 Sheet Cake

Full Sheet Cake

Each size can be decorated for birthdays, wedding and wedding showers, baby showers, college themes, all sports and the latest movie titles. 

3pk, 6pk, 12pk, and 24pk cupcakes for schools and other large groups are offered, as well as bread, cookies, and muffins that are baked daily!