Dills/Lavonia Foods Coupon Policy:

Dill's/Lavonia Foods Employees and their Customers are asked to help prevent coupon fraud found on the internet, emails, and social networks by following these guidelines.

- Dill's/Lavonia Foods will only accept legitimate coupons printed from the internet.

- Printed/Internet coupons up to 50% off products retail price may be presented for redemption

- Printed coupons for "free" items will not be accepted. But buy-one-get-one free coupons can be accepted. A buy-one-get-one free requires a purchase, where a "free" item does not.

- Any printed coupon that looks to be blurry or copied will be rejected.

- All printed coupons must have a barcode and that barcode must scan.

- We do not double coupons.

- No out of date coupons will be accepted.

- Manager's at any location has the right to refuse any coupon printed from the internet.

- Customers can verify if they have a legitimate coupon by going to http://www.veri-fi.com